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While I love romance as much as the next girl, the fact is that Valentine’s Day can be pretty in-your-face if you happen to not be in a steamy romantic relationship (especially if you wish you were).

As a result, too many of us end up eating our feelings—worry, loneliness, regret, resentment—and diving headfirst into boxes of crappy chocolates or off-brand candy bars, convincing ourselves that we “deserve” the treat.

The reality is, we deserve much better, whatever our relationship status. Even better, we feel much better when we feed ourselves well. So how about we rewrite the rules this year, and celebrate Valentine’s Day as a tribute to love, and we eat to love ourselves.

New Valentine’s rule: Spoon your food

Now, who doesn’t love spooning? It’s holding and being held simultaneously, nested together in a loving, intimate way.

That’s why I want you to spoon your food on this holiday—literally. Forks are fine and functional, of course. But we’re going to focus on healthy, delicious foods that you eat with a spoon, because whether they’re savory or sweet, being spoon-fed is synonymous with being nurtured, and what you eat with a spoon is often rich and fulfilling, abundant and satisfying.

Who doesn’t want to feel like that?!

Here are five PFC-balanced ways to celebrate (self) love by romancing the spoon.

1. Something sweet and decadent
I grew up in the Midwest, in the land of dairy. I love my full-fat everything! And as you well know, fat is incredibly satisfying, AND it’s the only nutrient that doesn’t make you fat (so long as it’s the right kinds of good fat). So help yourself to a little (or a lot) of this:

  • Coconut ice cream. Cold, creamy, lightly sweet, dripping with flavor (thank you, good fat!). It’s hard to beat coconut ice cream for pure pleasure.
  • Full-fat, organic plain yogurt. Try dressing up with your favorite nuts and a quarter cup or so of your favorite berries—fresh or frozen. I also love mixing in Fruits & Greens Redefined for extra antioxidants and dash of flavor. Add some shredded coconut or a dash of cinnamon and voila! Healthy never tasted so good

2. Something surprisingly rich
Lose the low-fat flavors (yuck) and try this:

  • Pumpkin mousse. I whipped up this recipe a few years ago, intending to make a smoothie. I was surprised and thrilled when the result was mousse-thick. The great news is that it’s not only delicious, but it’s also PFC balanced, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, soy free AND gut healthy with a glutamine bonus!

3. Something you eat slowly
What I love about soup is that if it’s good and hot, you must eat it slowly. You get to pay attention to how the flavors change with each spoonful, how the temperature changes from piping hot to warm, how full your belly is, bite-by-bite.

  • Simple Pumpkin Soup. The beauty of pumpkin is that it can go dessert-sweet, or dinner-savory —and should definitely stick around for more than just Halloween. This is an incredibly hearty and filling dish, and you’ll enjoy every lovin’ spoonful.

4. Something you remember fondly
Our memories flavor our foods, and make foods sweet (often with no added sugar). This one is bound to carry with it some sweet memories:

  • Strawberries and cream. Did your summers start with shortcake and fresh strawberries? This dish calls back those light, warm days (without the shortcake!). Originally a smoothie recipe, I’ve upped the yogurt to make it a succulent treat with bonus gut-health supplements for your tummy and waistline.

5. Something you rarely eat right off the spoon
Is there anything more sensuous and nourishing that swirling the spoon into the jar and placing it on your tongue? It’s like jumping into a lake in early spring (from Minnesota here—the water’s cold!). Grab a spoon and dip it in one of these:

  • Coconut almond nut butter. Open up the lid, see that golden oil pooled at the top, the creamy nut butter below… It’s like a hot stone massage for your taste buds! Just be sure to steer clear of brands with added sugars or oils.When I look at the label, I look for just the nut and oil. As in: Almonds, Palm Oil. That’s it.)
  • Fresh avocado. Cut an avocado in two and season half with a splash of lime juice and sprinkle of hot pepper. Spoon up a creamy bite, and you’re literally eating out of the palm of your hand.

These are my favorite ways to embrace the new Valentine’s “rule” by spooning your food. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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