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My new clients share a lot of the same concerns. They want to lose weight. They want to have more energy and more body confidence. They want to feel really good about their lives again (or for the first time!).

And what’s so interesting is that these clients will often say the exact same words as they share their worries and hopes:

“Good luck trying to figure me out!”

I get what they’re telling me. They feel like they are somehow an unsolvable problem. They’ve tried so many things to lose weight and nothing’s worked, and so they feel they have no luck.

But the truth is, I don’t need St. Patrick or a 4 leaf clover or a wishing well. I don’t need luck. And neither do you.

When people believe that they’re out of luck, or that they can’t change, there are usually a few assumptions holding them hostage in their pessimism.

Below are three of them— and how my team and I work with clients to show them that luck doesn’t have anything to do with anyone’s weight loss. Especially theirs!

Good luck with me because… I’ve tried it all and nothing’s worked, so nothing will ever work.

Yes, it’s discouraging when you’ve worked hard to lose weight and it either stays on or keeps coming back. But this doesn’t mean your body is a problem. Instead, you are a puzzle.

What you need is someone to help you look at all the pieces that make you you. You need someone to help you see what’s missing or not fitting, from your insulin to your estrogen to the bacteria in your gut to your sleep—these are the kinds of determining factors that stay hidden unless someone looks for them and shows you how they fit together.

Otherwise, you’re just taking stabs in the dark, and that is just relying on pure luck! That doesn’t work, and it’s not what my team and I do. Together, we hunt down those missing pieces to solve your puzzle and get you to the best version of yourself.

Good luck with me because… I don’t have enough willpower to stop eating foods that are bad for me, like sugar.

I get it. Sugar is the hardest thing to stop eating. I, too, struggled for far too long feeling ashamed, consuming my “drug of choice” behind closed doors. I can’t count the number of times I tried to “get clean.” Not from any drug—though its effects on my body were just as damaging. I was just trying to get clean from sugar. And it was absolutely exhausting, defeating and, frankly, impossible, until I learned this:

Controlling your sugar cravings have nothing to do with luck, and nothing to do with willpower. Why? Sugar cravings are only about balancing brain chemistry. Sounds fancy, but it’s true. Sugar cravings happen for two reasons:

  1.  Your blood sugar levels are low. You crave sugar when they crash.
  2. You don’t have enough neurotransmitters—brain chemicals like histamine, glutamate, dopamine, serotonin and GABA. These chemicals prevent sugar cravings from overwhelming you.

Both of those reasons mean that luck is totally irrelevant when it comes to mastering your cravings for sugar. What you eat, and when, is the key to maintaining blood sugar and supporting brain chemistry. That is the beginning step to getting free from sugar. Not magic. Not extra willpower. Not luck.

Good luck with me because… my mom was fat, my aunt was fat, my sisters are fat, and I just have to get used to being fat.

For many people, they think that they’re just unlucky in the game of genetic roulette. They feel as though since everyone else is heavier in their family, then they are doomed to live life in a body they don’t love. That’s not the case.  

Yes, of course, genes determine a lot about us. But they aren’t a guarantee of this or that kind of body. Not everyone will be able to look like a Victoria’s Secret model. Or JLo. Or an Olympic athlete. And that’s okay! Comparing yourself to anyone else (a superstar or a regular person) doesn’t help you one bit. You’re here to be the best version of YOU, the most healthy expression of your genes. More often than not, people’s false beliefs about their genetics hold them back much more than the genetics themselves. And you are following the rules of those beliefs.

For too long, I believed in the rules on what “healthy eating” looked like. It wasn’t until I challenged those beliefs that I actually started eating to support my health and improve my waistline, and, well, make my whole life better. I had to break the rules of deeply held beliefs and seek the truth. That’s not a matter of luck. That’s courage — and that’s something you have in spades.

You are more than cravings, more than beliefs and more powerful than luck! We don’t need luck to help you lose weight. All we need is to get together, and get started.

In order to lose weight and keep it off, you don’t need luck; you need a program that fits YOU and a community that supports your efforts—plus expert advice, accountability, personal coaching, education, and continued support.

I’d love to help you dig deep so you learn what’s been holding you back from achieving your ideal weight and energy levels, and truly say “Bye Bye” to belly fat — for good!

Click here to hop on the next (free!) masterclass where I’ll teach you my proven system for exactly how to do just that.

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