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Now that you’ve read Confused About Coffee?, you’re aware that coffee is one of my loves. I am pumped to fill you in on my favorite coffee add-in (although the title of this post pretty much gives it away). I was introduced to the amazingly delicious and nutritious coffee with BUTTER by my friend and the expert, Dave Asprey (Bulletproof Coffee). It didn’t take long for it to make its way into my regular routine and become a favorite addition to my morning cup o’ Joe.

Adding butter to coffee has become popular as more and more people are making the connections between greater focus and brain power along with fewer cravings when they drink it. (Not to mention it’s pretty tasty too.) The reason why the typical person feels BETTER when they add butter to their coffee is because our low-fat diets aren’t doing us ANY good since they are LACKING in the fat that our brains and bodies so vitally need. The media of course is totally exploiting this revelation and calling it a “weight loss fad” and “craze” — understandably so, because it’s diametrically opposed to our nation’s “normal” way of thinking that has led to our obesity epidemic. (And in my opinion if it differs from what we have always thought, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Unbrainwash yourself from conventional wisdom!) We live in a culture that has fat-phobia and of COURSE anyone who thinks fat makes us fat is going to think any amount of butter is a bad thing. The reality is that fat is essential for our brains, metabolism and cells.

Adding butter to coffee sounds crazy, but when you take a step back and think about it, what’s so crazy about it!?

When we look at the biochemistry of how macronutrients are metabolized in the body, it doesn’t seem crazy at all. Science actually shows that it’s the carbohydrates, NOT fat, that turn into sugar in the bloodstream and lead to weight gain when not being utilized for energy. We know that healthy fat supports cognitive function and metabolism by slowing the assimilation of carbohydrates in the blood stream, and thus lessening their damaging effect.

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 7.54.40 AMThe media is also quick to point out that a cup of coffee and butter can contain 300-some calories. This is true. Nevertheless, it doesn’t concern me because IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT THE CALORIES! (This is my face when asked about the calories in buttered coffee on this TV segment and this one.) Metabolism is about hormones, blood sugar balance, and the quality of food — NOT just the quantity, therefore the healthy fat found in butter is important for our brain and waistline, regardless of the number of calories.

So, while it can seem a little crazy at first,  is there really that big a difference in putting butter in your coffee vs. cream? Butter is basically a semi solid form of cream (minus the skim milk). Cream is lower in fat than butter and since we all know fat is good for us then this is yet another reason why butter is SO great.

When I’m at home I love making my own version of Bulletproof Coffee by blending together coffee (I make a pot of this first) with Kerrygold butter and chocolate Dynamic Fruits & Greens to get some extra antioxidants in too. Sometimes I’ll also add some of the Vanilla powder too. This in combination with the chocolate Dynamic Fruits & Greens makes for a vanilla mocha latte flavored coffee drink. It’s incredible. Also, if I’m feeling like I need an extra punch of energy, I’ll then even add in a tablespoon of MCT oil (this is six times more potent than coconut oil; a great healthy fat and more brain power!).

Another way I enjoy butter in my coffee is in situations where I want to resist dessert, such as at weddings or parties. I’m not saying to never eat dessert, but what I AM saying is you can learn to train yourself to be satisfied by fats instead of carbs. Because coffee frequently goes hand in hand with dessert, I think adding butter to it is a good option as a replacement. (And no, I don’t always carry Kerrygold butter with me; I just make sure it’s real butter that I’m adding to my coffee and settle with this.) Even though it’s not perfect, I still think it’s a better option than dessert.

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Now, for a short Q & A on Butter in Coffee:

(using your questions from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram):

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 7.56.12 AM1. Why doesn’t it taste very good? BLEND IT! It is seriously so much better when blended compared to just stirring it in with a spoon. I would also tell you to make sure you’re using quality butter. Using cheap butter or a butter substitute makes a world of a difference. It definitely tastes better when it’s made with unsalted, grass-fed butter. The Kerrygold brand I mentioned produces excellent high quality butter and can be bought in bulk at places like Sam’s Club and Costco. And make sure it’s unsalted! Unless you’re one of those salted caramel latte fans, then you might like it salted, but I definitely don’t. 🙂

2. How much butter should I add? I usually add 2 Tablespoons of butter to my 8 ounce mug of coffee, or for instance, when I was at a wedding dinner I added 4 of these pats of butter (they are each 1/2 T). (Of course, these are not my first choice for butter, but since it’s not always available, I’m okay with working with what is [although, sometimes I DO bring my own butter! A lot of us did this on the Low Carb Cruise. Did you know that butter doesn’t have to be refrigerated?])

3. What do you order at a coffee shop? When I’m at a coffee shop, I usually order coffee or an Americano and ask for the heavy whipping cream. (They keep it stored in the little refrigerator behind the counter because most customers are content with the half and half that is at the DIY bar next to the skim milk and sugar.) Or, feel free to bring your own butter and add it to the coffee yourself. Just remember that stirring doesn’t quite give it the same effect as blending, which is optimal.

I hope I’ve opened your mind to the taste and health benefits of adding butter to your morning coffee. Now, venture out and give it a try!

*this is where I purchase my coffee beans.

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