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 “Our ancestors didn’t take supplements, so why should I?”

It’s true! Our ancestors didn’t take supplements, so it’s totally valid to question why you should today.

The reality is that our ancestors’ environment was much different than what we experience today. We aren’t out hunting and gathering our food under the sun. Instead, we’re inundated with incredible amounts of processed, health-draining foods. We spend most of our time inside industrial buildings and in front of computers and TVs. Our exercise regimens involve machines at a gym, if anything. We don’t sleep enough and frequently allow technology to interfere with our natural sleeping regimen.

We’re extremely different from our ancestors, and because our lifestyles are so different, our need to supplement key nutrients is far greater than before.

Personally, I think supplementation in this day and age just makes sense. In fact, we see the benefits of supplementing in our clients’ experience on a daily basis!

All that said, as I outlined in my last post, supplements can be super shady. I recommend either taking high-quality pharmaceutical grade supplements, like the ones in the Real Food Vitamins Store or taking none at all. This is simply due to the fact that most supplements aren’t approved by the FDA, so you could be doing your body a lot more harm than good by ingesting shady substances filled with potentially harmful ingredients. That’s why the products I recommend are only ones that are pharmaceutical-grade which means they are regulated and third party tested, and I wouldn’t take anything else out there.

“Can’t I just get nutrients from real food?”

Of course! If you can get everything your body needs from real food to run the most efficiently it can, that’s great! Most of the time, though, eating healthy just isn’t enough. Supplements aren’t food, and aren’t meant to be any sort of food replacement. They are to help give your body acquire essential vitamins and nutrients that may have been missed through the food you eat. Supplements are that missing piece of the puzzle many people often overlook, and they can be a very powerful addition to making healthy food choices.

The reality is, even if you’re eating the right foods, nobody’s perfect in what they eat. At times, we simply lack key nutrients, and when we aren’t meeting our vitamin and mineral needs, our bodies aren’t able to function as efficiently as they were designed to function. This is why supplements benefit so many of our clients and help them reach their goals.

“Okay, so do I really ‘need’ supplements?”

It depends on how quickly you want to reach your health goals. It is possible to reduce inflammation and heal your gut through real food, but it may not be enough. We find most of our clients prefer to see results more quickly, so taking in high quality supplements helps expedite their results. For our clients who choose to just stick with eating real food at first, we often find after a few months they become frustrated because they’re working so hard and not getting the results they want to see. That’s usually when they add in supplements and start really noticing a difference. So it’s up to you. Start with just eating real food first, and then add in supplements when you’re ready, or hit the ground running and start with both to help you reach your goals faster.

“How many supplements are too many?”

The answer to that will vary for each individual. A lot of people are blindly taking long lists of random supplements—many of which may be doing more harm than good. It’s like shooting without first designating a target.

If you’re taking high quality supplements like my VeroVive™ brand, and they’re helping you reach your goals without negative side effects, you don’t have to be concerned with taking too many. Where it becomes a problem is when people are swallowing handfuls without direction. Click below to check out all the supplements in the Real Food Vitamins store!

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