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Is supplement regulation a joke?

Do you realize you might be taking supplements that contain a potentially dangerous mix of cheap fillers and mystery ingredients?

This is what happens when regulation laws aren’t in place. A recent study by the New York State attorney general’s office revealed that 4 out of 5 supplements on the shelves of popular retailers (GNC, Target, Walgreens and Walmart) contain NONE of the herbs and ingredients listed on the labels! Instead, they have a potentially dangerous mix of cheap fillers and mystery ingredients. These popular retailers have received cease-and-desist letters in response to this finding.

This blatant false advertising is scary because you might be using these products without knowing what you are actually ingesting!

Most people aren’t aware of the minimal standards that go into regulating supplements.

Unlike prescription drugs, the only regulation involved with supplements is that the process must be sanitary. That means supplement manufacturers can fill their vitamins and supplements with additives and fillers. All that junk is harmful for your body and brain! It slows metabolism, impairs thinking, reduces immune function, increases inflammation and can cause more harm than good.

That means the supplements in your cabinet—the ones you’re taking to help with health and weight loss—could be doing the opposite and doing more damage.

What’s the point???

We see this happen with our clients far too often. They invest in supplements in an attempt to improve their health, and those very supplements end up making them more sick than when they weren’t taking any at all. Who would think to blame your lack of weight loss on the supplements that are supposed to help you lose that weight? WHAT!?

I’m not trying to be a downer—these are just the facts. You can’t trust ’em! You’ve got to be on the defense when it comes to what you’re putting in your body. (Because trying to be healthy isn’t hard enough, right?! Sheesh!)

Just as it’s important to be mindful of the food you put in your body, you need to be careful about your supplement intake, too.

At the same time, when you’re taking high quality ones (not the ones you’re gonna find at the drugstore or health foods store), they can be extremely effective—not only in filling in nutrient gaps when you waiver from your healthy eating regimen (because hey, no one is perfect right!?), but also in reducing inflammation, kicking sugar cravings and shedding pounds.

Just like we see our clients move further away from their goals by taking junky, unregulated supplements, we see the opposite happen as well: they reach their goals faster when they take supplements that are third-party tested—ones that contain what they say they contain, ones that actually work. Sadly, these are hard to find since they’re NOT on store shelves—they can only be found through licensed healthcare professionals. (And even then, still not all supplements sold by healthcare professionals are quality. Grrrrr.)

Are you freaking out as much as I am about how supplements are not being regulated!?

The good news is that there are supplements that are high quality, effective and will get you on track to reaching your health goals, and fast. I’ve done the research for you so that you don’t have to worry about it. That’s what I’m here for.

I spent years being personally frustrated about this—the supplements I was taking just weren’t cutting it. They weren’t fresh enough. I was sick of the questionable ingredients. I couldn’t be picky about things like the fact that I prefer my glutamine capsules and multivitamin to be more potent so that I could take fewer of them and don’t want my vitamin D bathed in inflammatory refined soybean oil…the list goes on.

And that is why I finally took the initiative and created my own line of supplements that I have complete control over and you can trust! Now you know what a stickler I am, and if I’m taking them, you know you can trust them.

An exciting new supplement option!

Meet Redefined Vitamins. Wave goodbye to the frustration surrounding shady supplements and unethical labels. Because Redefined Vitamins products are pharmaceutical-grade, they are regulated, made from only the finest ingredients. AND I have complete control over the manufacturing process. You never need to question the quality or wonder if they contain hidden junk, cheap fillers or sweeteners. Ever. You won’t find a brand more focused on quality, purity and potency—which means fewer pills, more nutrients, and better results.

I’m so excited because I’ve been able to specially formulate them for higher potency. For instance, our Glutacaps Redefined allow you to take fewer capsules for the same result, compared to other brands of L-Glutamine! That’s because each one is 750 mg, compared to the 500 mg or less that other L-Glutamine capsules contain. On top of that, there are 120 capsules in each bottle of Glutacaps Redefined, compared to just 100 in other brands. This means you take fewer capsules each day, and don’t run out so often!

Another example is Multicaps Redefined: an AMAZING multivitamin that I formulated so you only need to take two tablets per day, where other brands require you to take six or more—a cumbersome task, to say the least.

I was also able to create solutions to requests I’ve heard over and over again! Like, our Glutapowder Redefined has no taste—a huge reason people stop using L-Glutamine powder even though they need it to kick their sugar cravings and reduce inflammation so they can finally lose weight!

Oh, and how about a powdered multivitamin you can use in your smoothies? We made that too! Our Multipowder Redefined is berry flavored and even tastes great mixed into water!

Stop being duped.

Rest easy knowing we follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), which means we fully guarantee that all of our products are produced utilizing the highest standards. They’re rigorously tested and monitored throughout the manufacturing process, both for their purity and the quantity of all dietary ingredients. This comprehensive research-based approach allows us to deliver a consistently superior product with accurate label claims every time you order.

This means you don’t have to anxiously stare at labels on the store shelves trying to sort out the “good” from the mischievous supplements! Finally, a supplement brand you can trust! We take the guesswork out of supplement shopping.

Don’t be duped by supplements ever again. Whether you’re the type of person who looks at every single label on every product, or you prefer not to have to think about that kind of stuff at all, Redefined Vitamins is the perfect solution.

So sit back and relax because you can trust Redefined Vitamins. Place your order from the comfort of your own home, knowing that you’re doing good for your body with supplements that ARE regulated and top quality. I’ve got you covered. 😉 Check out the entire Redefined Vitamins brand product line here!

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