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December, you sneaky rascal, you’re back! And we know what that means…that little voice in the back of our mind is saying, “Hurry! Hurry! You only have a handful of shopping days left and a long list of gifts to give!” And you don’t want to give just any ‘ol gifts…you want to give gifts that will make your recipients smile and feel warm and fuzzy and loved, AND help them live simpler, more healthy and fulfilling lives!

Well, don’t worry—you’re in the right place because I’ve got your back! This is where I’m an expert.

Here are my 8 Awesome (+ Healthy!) Gift Ideas:

1. Annmarie Skin Care: Not only are these skincare products healthy and non-toxic (what we put ON our bodies ends up IN our bodies, so since our body absorbs what we put on our skin, skincare products, just like food and supplements, should be of the highest quality), their scents are heavenly, too! Products with scent can be tricky, but these have the right combination of subtle and relaxing scent, which makes me feel pampered and makes them male-friendly, too. Oh, and their new packaging is beautiful—perfect for a gift!

I love gifting the Coconut Honey Mask to my girlfriends (with a candle, epsom salt and the Radiant Skin Silk Body Lotion for a “Relax/Pamper Yourself” theme. I’ve given the Coconut Body Oil and Aloe Herb Cleanser to my boyfriend (he won’t use any other cleanser now and loves the body oil as much as I do!). They have some awesome gift sets that are perfect for the holidays, too!

2. Oura Ring: If you’ve seen me wearing a big, gaudy black ring, that’s what this is! And if you’re looking for a higher-ticket, unique item, this is my top pick. (AND, just last week they announced that they now have sleeker, more elegant styles. I’m seriously considering buying another. And they’ll even give us 10% off with the code cassie10 😉 )

So, what is it!? It’s brand new technology (so if you gift it, chances are HIGH that hey won’t already have it!) and it’s a super cool way to learn about your body, your sleep patterns, how exercise affects you and your recovery speed and more. It measures your heart rate, your temperature, your activity, and other wellness-related measurements. I really think this is a great gift for anyone–not just the health/science/fitness nerd, but every person who loves learning how their body ticks. I’ve never been a fan of Fitbits or other tracker type devices, but for some reason I’m just in love with this thing. It’s also super easy to use—just wear it and it syncs via Bluetooth to your phone. (I’ve had too many trackers that you have to plug in or set up and just make it a pain to even use—this one isn’t like that.)

3. Headspace: Amidst the chaos of not just the holiday season, but LIFE in general, I think we could all benefit from some quiet time. What I love about Headspace is you can pick guided meditations based on how much time you have (from 1 minute all the way to 20). I know there are many meditation apps and programs (I’ve tried many of them!), and this is my favorite. I listen to at least one track every morning (since there are 1 minute ones, there’s really no excuse! ;)) And then I use Headspace when I’m laying in bed at night to wind down and get ready for a good night’s sleep. A subscription would make a fantastic gift for anyone!

4. CoQ10: My favorite supplement to give as a gift, because it increases energy levels a ton, and we could all use more energy (especially around the holidays, and to get revved up in the New Year!). Bonus: it supports your heart as well, and since you only get one ticker, you’d better take care of it! And what better way to say “I care!” than to give the gift of heart health?

5. A Cookbook. But not your typical cookbook that collects dust in a cabinet you can’t reach! Get a fresh, exciting one! For your friend or family member who DOESN’T love spending time in the kitchen, you’ll want to grab my Ultimate Real Food Recipe Book. It’s the perfect resource for shedding pounds, boosting metabolism and helping your energy levels skyrocket—all in one spot! It’s a whole month of meal plans, 80+ recipes, and daily suggestions of simple, easy-to-do adjustments in the kitchen and in your lifestyle.) Now, for those who love spending time in the kitchen cooking, gift them a beautiful cookbook with nutritious recipes.  A few of my favorites are Nom Nom Paleo, Against All Grain, and Practical Paleo.

6. Fruits & Greens Redefined: This is one of our top-sellers, and for good reason. If you haven’t used it, Fruits & Greens Redefined is a veggie and fruit powder superfood formula that flavors and adds variety to smoothies or water without adding sugar. PLUS, each packet has antioxidants, which give your body the added boost it needs to have energy, shed pounds and keep immune function up! You can mix it in cold or hot water and drink it, or mix it to smoothies or plain yogurt for flavor and an extra nutrition punch.) It’s tasty, mixes into anything really…and is kid and adult-approved. 🙂

7. A NutriBullet: This makes my list because I don’t go a single day without using this efficient little blender—it’s a must-have. I loved my Magic Bullet, but it broke twice, and the NutriBullet has treated me right! I use this at least once a day to make a smoothie, it grinds my coffee beans, and blends butter into my coffee, too! It fits right in a drawer in the kitchen, and is a breeze to clean.

8. Gift Basket of healthy snacks: For the person who’s always on-the-go, or loves to travel, what about filling a basket (or even a sweet little soft sided cooler!) with things like beef sticks, salmon packets and jerky for healthy Proteins, some nut butter packets, pumpkin seeds and coconut butter packets for healthy Fats, and some dried mango, dried peas, and dried cranberries for healthy Carbs? This would also be a great idea for the person who swears they “never have time to cook!” They can keep these things right in their desk at work. Throw a few LARABARS in there for good measure, too. ?

So there you have it! I hope this makes your gift giving a little easier this year! Now, grab some recipes for yourself by clicking the green button below!

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