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We’ve all heard the myth, “Don’t eat after [insert time here].” Because if you eat after [insert time here] you’ll store the extra calories and gain weight. I’m here to tell you it’s actually WORSE for your body and metabolism to NOT eat a bedtime snack. Why? Because your metabolism, sleeping sound and feeling great has more to do with blood sugar regulation than just calories. And why go to bed hungry if your body will actually benefit from a nice bedtime snack!?

Unless you eat a bedtime snack, your blood sugar levels begin to drop after you eat your last meal of the day and then if you don’t eat before bed your sugars will plummet overnight. The goal of the bedtime snack is to slightly raise those blood sugar levels back to normal range so they can be stable all night long. This promotes good sleep, which is important because sleep not only gives us energy but regulates the hormones that control our appetite and metabolism. And who doesn’t want to be burning fat while they sleep!?

That said, not all bedtime snacks are equal. Typical bedtime snacks like cookies, chips and ice cream spike sugar levels making it hard to fall asleep and drop in the middle of the night which interrupts your sleep. Disruption in sleep means not feeling rested when you wake up, not to mention disruptions in hormones. Although we’ re not talking about cookies and ice cream, I think these snacks are just as tasty… Check out the segment for a few bedtime snack ideas that will help you sleep, feel great and lose weight and this post for more info: The Bedtime Snack Unraveled!

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