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I was speaking at an event last weekend and I got the question, “What are your best tips for increasing energy?” Immediately I dished out my top 3 tips for energy, and I realized that these are the same 3 things I do for increased brain power!

I love quick and easy hacks that can improve your day and life, and I can’t wait to hear how these work for you!

My Top 3 Tips to Increase Energy & Brain Power Throughout Your Day:

1. Eat half an avocado upon waking.

At first I started doing this as a way to increase the absorption of the vitamins I take in the morning, and I quickly realized that it’s a super simple hack to break your overnight fast and kick your metabolism into gear — especially if you aren’t a big breakfast eater. Healthy fat from the avocado boosts your metabolism for hours after you eat by allowing your body to release a turbo-fat-burning hormone called glucagon, PLUS, the healthy fat from the avocado gives you instant brain power (your brain is made up of over 70% fat so the good fat from avocado helps to boost that cognitive function!)

My routine lately is that I have the half avocado (I eat it straight out of the shell with a couple shakes of sea salt!) within a half hour of waking. Then I have breakfast sometime in the next hour or two after. If you’re hungry or have time for breakfast right away, then do that! I find that the half-avo-trick is a good one for those of us who tend to put off breakfast, or have the excuse of not being hungry. 😉

2. Have protein with all of my snacks.

A lot of women don’t think about having protein—especially outside of meals! That’s why I think it’s one for the easier (and fun!) ways to boost your metabolism, energy and brain power.

Your body does not store protein, so you need to make sure you’re eating it throughout the day –– not just at meals, but snacks too. Protein boosts your metabolism every single time you eat it. PLUS, protein is a precursor for your neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) that determine whether or not you have sugar cravings, and you need adequate amounts to keep sugar cravings at bay. Big bonus to eating protein throughout the day is you get fewer cravings, which can also keep your brain power up since you don’t have that craving as a distracting nagging you!

This tip is easy because we aren’t talking about a LOT of protein — simply one hard boiled egg or a few bites of tuna salad or salmon salad will do the trick! A good rule of thumb is to aim for eating a portion of protein equivalent to the thickness and circumference of the palm of your hand at meals (2-3 eggs, 4-6 oz. of chicken, beef, or fish) and about half that amount for snacks.

The reality is that just an ounce or two of protein at snack time (and double that at meals), can boost your metabolism by up to 35% for the following 2-3 hours after eating it. Give it a try and see how it changes your day!

Think about incorporating protein every time you eat. It’s a simple metabolism and energy booster!

3. Move Throughout Your Day!

The average American spends 9.3 hours a day sitting. NINE HOURS a day sitting! We know sitting too much isn’t good for many reasons. But, if you’re wanting to lose weight, sitting too much is a big obstacle because it slows down your metabolism. Yet,when you lead a busy lifestyle, finding time to move more can be tricky. I totally get it. That’s why I’m obsessed with my treadmill desk. I’ve had it for 10 months, and I’ve used it EVERY single working day that I’ve been home. The treadmill desk is such a simple way to increase activity WITHOUT requiring any extra time! Multitasking at its finest. 🙂

There are some BIG bonuses with the treadmill desk (other than just exercise): increased focus, boosted brain power, higher productivity, lower blood pressure, less joint and back pain. Between all of the benefits, including the mental and physical stimulation, a day on a treadmill desk is quite a ride!

I always thought it would be hard to work and walk, but it’s not. You walk at a very, very slow pace. The point is that you’re moving, and staying active, and that’s all that really matters! Plus, the desk I use can be raised higher or lower with the push of a button, so when I’m tired, I lower it and pop onto a chair and relax. 🙂

I looked around for quite a while before choosing the specific company to get a treadmill desk from. There are many companies out there, but I wanted to go through one where the customer experience is top notch, AND so is the quality of the desk.

That’s why I recommend Active Station!

I like this specific company not just because of the quality of their treadmill desks (super sturdy!), and also their personal touch and how helpful they are throughout the process. So much that they don’t just sell massive amounts of desks through their website. They actually want to talk to you first to make sure it’s a good fit (like we do with our coaching program 🙂 ).

So if you’re thinking this could be a good fit for you, or have some questions, I definitely recommend hopping on the phone with the owner from Active Station to see if it would make sense for you.

I have his direct line, AND since I know your health is important to you too, I asked him to do something special for you. 🙂

For the next several days he is setting aside time to hop on a call to talk to you to see if a treadmill desk would be a good fit for your lifestyle and goals! If it IS, he’s going to give you the “Cassie special” which is $400 OFF + FREE SHIPPING — just because you’re part of my community!

PLUS, the first 5 people to purchase their Active Station treadmill desk get a FREE Monitor Arm attachment!

Click here to learn how a treadmill desk can help you stay active during the workday, increase productivity, boost metabolism, and help you lose weight!

That’s a wrap! Learning these 3 tips have been HUGE a-ha moments for myself and my clients. Can’t wait to hear how you feel implementing them into your days, too!

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