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I’m back again with more information regarding how the calorie counting system is just not accurate. If you didn’t read my article entitled “I HATE CALORIES: Part 1” I would highly recommend it. Basically what we covered thus far are the main reasons why this theory is flawed; it overlooks our bodies complexity by demonizing calories and not taking into account its ability to differentiate calorie intake, slows down your metabolism leading to imbalanced blood sugar levels, mood swings, and also increases your insulin release by avoiding healthy foods with calories (FAT, anyone!?) resulting in a sugar and carbohydrate overload. Whew.

So we’ve gone over the problem… what can we do fix it? (A problem without a solution is just a complaint!)

A couple quick tips for boosting metabolism without counting a thing:

Stay away from added sugars and processed carbohydrates. Remember, carbohydrates are the macronutrient that spike your blood sugar most (fat and protein don’t!, so if your goal is to stay off the blood sugar roller coaster you should try to avoid processed carbohydrates. Consuming high amounts of sugary, processed carbohydrates when trying to be healthy and lose weight is like smoking with hopes of avoiding lung cancer. Simply cutting out added sugars and refined carbohydrates and shifting toward real food will dramatically improve your metabolism, energy levels, sleep, focus and likely many more aspects that will improve your day to day life. Focus on getting your carbohydrates from natural forms with unprocessed sugar: vegetables and fruits. The fiber in these slows down the assimilation of the sugar into the blood stream, so they don’t spike your blood sugars in the same damaging way that a slice of bread or serving of pasta do.

Undo the damage. Now you must be wondering how to reverse the damage done by past dieting and calorie counting by utilizing that stored fat for energy! This happens as we are striving to prevent further damage by eating in a way that doesn’t spike our blood sugar levels. The hormone opposite to insulin is glucagon, also known as your “fat-burning” hormone. This hormone is released to burn fat for energy when your blood sugar levels are stable (by eating a combination of protein, fat, and carbohydrates at meals and snacks: PFC!). With stable blood sugar levels, you are able to prevent fat storage and instead promote fat burning! You’ll also have consistent energy levels, moods, and focus when you’re not riding the blood sugar roller coaster. Another part of undoing the damage from harmful nutrition and dieting approaches, is addressing underlying chronic (systemic) inflammation. Any time your body has inflammation going on inside (whether it is from years of consuming too much sugar, trans fats, artificial sweeteners or even taking an antibiotic) your body will always focus on healing this first, before anything else. If you’re feeling sluggish, down in the dumps or are having a difficult time losing weight, this could be what’s going on. The quickest way to speed up the healing process is to consume healthy fats (like avocado, butter, coconut oil, nuts and seeds) and take daily probiotic, L-glutamine and fish oil supplements. These assist your body in healing so it can move onto other important things, like giving you energy and shedding pounds.

Successful weight loss. Everyone is different, but what I’ve found time and time again to be successful with my clients is significantly lowering carbohydrate intake while increasing intake of healthy fats, along with moderate protein consumption (PFC). This supports metabolism, brain function and helps your body run as it was designed to run. This way of eating provides a lot of energy because your body appreciates that you are fueling it with the nutrients it needs, and in turn your metabolism works more efficiently. Most of my clients who make this dramatic shift in their nutrition regimens report they feel better within a day or two and are able to naturally lose weight without even trying. (Sound too good to be true? It’s not, but do realize that depending on the extent of damage from past dieting experiences, the healing process can take more time for some folks than it does for others.) Everyone has their own unique biochemistry, but for many, striving for PFC is a great starting point to get your body on track and blood sugar levels stable. The underlying key to healthy weight loss, consistent energy levels, focused minds and balanced moods is blood sugar regulation.

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