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Two summers ago, I was taken hostage by unexpected sickness that landed me in the hospital for a week. Out of nowhere. This forced me to reflect on a lot of things in my life…and I’m excited to share these reflections and realizations with you… because I’m pretty sure you can relate. (And, hey! Might as well learn this stuff WITHOUT having to go to the hospital, eh?!)

What I initially thought was a bad case of the flu turned out to be viral meningitis—a very serious infection that causes inflammation of tissue (the meninges) which covers the brain and spinal cord….

When I started to feel “off,” I just tried to tough it out like I normally do. That was just about the WORST thing I could have done.

This in and of itself was a valuable lesson learned for me.

For nearly three days I avoided going to the doctor. I tried to be strong. I tried to convince myself that my symptoms weren’t THAT bad.

But they were bad. So bad that at one point I forgot how to make a phone call! I just stared at the device not knowing what the next step was. Scary stuff. That’s when I finally had to “cave in” and admit myself to the ER.

“Good thing you came in. A day later could have been too late…If the meningitis were bacterial instead of viral, you’d be dead…” the doctor said.

When someone tells you you could have died, you start to look at life a little differently.

It brought me to my knees, and I almost couldn’t breathe with that realization that I. Almost. Died?!?!

And the fact that I tried to “stay strong” and “push through it” was what could have killed me? … Yeah. After that, you definitely take a moment to reevaluate choices and perspectives.

Here’s the biggest lesson I learned….

Asking for help is okay, and even necessary.

Asking for help can be hard. Especially when you’re the caretaker, breadwinner, or just flat out an independent person! For many of us, asking for help can feel like a weakness. It’s not.

Asking for help is a demonstration of strength! When a new member joins our Bye Bye Belly Fat coaching program, my dietitians and I make it a point to let her know how strong and brave she is for taking that first step and asking for help. We know how scary it is to reach out. We know the internal battle that everyone goes through when they finally say, “I need help.” That’s why we celebrate that step! … because it’s a BIG one! In fact, it’s THE ONE NECESSARY step for success. No one achieves ALL on their own.

Look, I get it. I, too, pride myself on being independent—in my work, my personal life, my health. But my hospital experience showed me the power and beauty of being there for each other. In my weakest moments, faith and people are what pulled me through. When I felt all alone and scared in that hospital room, I found encouragement in knowing that I’m really not alone.

Whew! That was deep!

I have to say it feels good to share a vulnerable experience like that with you. 🙂

This experience in and of itself certainly didn’t feel good, but I’m grateful I get to share this big lesson with you. I hope that, if you’re struggling through something, this shines a light on how freeing (and healthy) asking for help is. If I can help you from ever going through what I went through, then it’s been worth it.

Since my experience, I have asked for help much more often. I’ve had my assistant take over more tasks. I’ve added more people to our team. I’ve had friends and brothers come over to help me with projects (in exchange for some yummy and healthy goodies) :).

You know yourself. And you know your limitations. (We all have them!) Listen to your intuition. Or else you might push yourself right into a wall, like I did. And it all can be avoided by simply asking for help. 🙂

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