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If losing weight just meant eating less and exercising more, you’d have aced
it already.
Too many people follow restrictive diets, deprive their body of what it needs,
put it through hell at the gym—sometimes twice a day—and STILL can’t lose weight.
It’s not because they aren’t trying hard enough.
It’s because they don’t have the RIGHT information.

There are a few times when your weight

bothers you the most:

Clothes shopping.

Despite the endless amount of clothes in your closet, you’re going between three outfits because most of them don’t fit—most painfully, your favorite dress. You’re putting off shopping because you’re dreading buying the next size up and those dressing room lights are NOT very kind..

Meals with your friends.

Simply put, your relationship with food is in need of repair. Going out to lunch with your friends is supposed to be fun, but food has never been like that for you. All you can think about is calories and how you don’t want to count them …or gain any more weight.

Taking Photographs.

You cringe when people post photos of you because you don’t like how you look. You’ve even stopped putting on makeup or wearing anything other than sweatpants because you figure, “what’s the point?”

You seem to do “all the right things” but your weight keeps creeping up, your health keeps getting worse, and your energy levels are at an all-time low.


….Even when you eat less than everyone else or starve yourself.
….Even with the help of a doctor or dietitian in the past who told you to count calories or limit grams of fat—and didn’t look at the whole picture.
….Even after investing in every “new and improved” fad diet.

You’re ready for something different. You’re ready for something sustainable. You’re ready for real, lasting change.

Believe it! This time it really can be different.

I know what you’ve been through. I used to believe  50% exercise + 50% nutrition = weight loss. They even taught that in my dietitian school! My body wasn’t nicer back then, and it wasn’t as healthy.

It was continually inflamed and bloated from my high sugar consumption—the result of following a low-fat diet.

Today, I eat more calories and fat than ever before and I exercise less.

Since I learned the truth, my body has everything it needs to give me crystal clear focus, positive moods and glowing skin, hair and nails. I am at my healthiest weight and I have more energy than I did ten years ago.

I actually LOST weight from eating more.

I know it may sound counterintuitive at first, but all of my clients who follow our coaching program experience this, too. Even the “tough” cases, even people in their 40’s and 50’s

We get them slimmed down, balanced, and excited about their life again—and we can make that happen for you too!

Life is meant to be lived to the fullest.
It is supposed to be FUN!

A life when you are less stressed, more energetic than you have been in years, and thrilled to get dressed in the morning because you fit back into your favorite clothes!

A life where you lose the weight once and for all and it never comes back.

A life where you can eat all your favorite foods and still lose weight.

Yes, this is possible!


There’s so much more to weight loss than just FOOD.

We WERE taught that only eating 1000
calories will make you lose weight.

(This is far from the truth!)

The most current scientific data proves that metabolism
DOESN’T work that way.

Losing weight for good is not about
deprivation or restriction.

Most weight loss information comes from dusty, outdated textbooks or has been flat-out disproven by scientific studies.

Everything we’ve been taught says that food is the enemy, and a calorie is just a calorie. It isn’t that simple.

The truth is:

What we now know is that what you eat directly impacts your body’s ability to function, to potentially reduce inflammation, and can help you lose weight.
When you eat real food, your body works for you. Your metabolism runs better, hunger and cravings subside and weight loss happens automatically—without restriction and deprivation.
What you’re experiencing is common, but not normal. The truth is you haven’t been given the right information and the advice you’ve followed hasn’t been personalized to you. And THAT’S why your weight won’t budge or stay off for good…NOT because there’s something wrong with you…

You’ve just been given the wrong tools.

We show you:
How to eat so you don’t have cravings for sugar—but you might end up craving greens!
How to break the pattern of shame and self-blame so you can experience MAJOR shifts and bump up your happiness dramatically!
How to boost your metabolism and burn fat in your sleep…all while eating healthy, delicious food that was previously off-limits!


Like any true detective, we check for any possible imbalances with your hormones, thyroid, gut health, mineral deficiencies, and more. We know that if just one of these things is off balance, it could be the thing that is keeping you from losing weight!
That’s why we offer completely customized support so you can stop guessing if you’re doing it correctly—and KNOW that you are on the right path!

Our personalized approach goes deeper than anything you’ve tried before.

This time it’s personal!

Our approach is different than any other because it is 100% customized to YOU.

You don’t have to figure out a single thing.

We guide you to restore your figure, your confidence, your health, and most importantly, your love and zest for life!

•You get your very own dedicated dietitian coach who guides you—especially
when you are struggling or feel like you’re about to slip.

•You get two appointments each month with your dietitian coach for complete support (Yes, we’ll even talk about emotions!) alongside manageable action steps designed for your unique situation and your unique body.

•You get a portfolio and plan developed by your dietitian coach just for you, including a personal health assessment, a full analysis of your current eating, exercise and supplement regimen, and meal plans designed just for YOU…with portion sizes, recipes and everything you need to succeed, tailored to your needs, preferences, lifestyle and goals.

•You get access to our community group and entire team, too.

With access to your personal dietitian coach AND our entire team outside of your appointments, you have the best chance for success!

I’ve helped thousands who are done with dieting—in person, on television, podcasts, telesummits with the best in the industry, and through my book, Why Am I Still Fat? The Hidden Keys to Unlocking That Stubborn Weight Loss.

My approach is simple, not confusing or complex like a lot of diets are.

In fact, it isn’t even a diet.

Science, Not Band-Aids

This program is based on current, evidence-based nutrition. Using scientifically-backed programs, we teach you how real food can transform your mind and body. You’ll learn how to lose the weight once and for all and it never comes back like it did on past diets. That’s because we heal from the inside out, addressing the root cause vs. slapping a big ‘ol band-aid on the problem. You’ll learn the best strategies to balance out all the systems in your body, based on studies and science, not superstition or myth.

Hello Butter, Hello Bacon!

We address the root cause of why you keep gaining weight, or gain it back after short term “success.” This approach makes sense, using real food and healthy fat. Goodbye forever, 100 calorie snack packs. Make way for delicious foods, jam-packed with nutrients. You won’t find bland food that makes you feel like you’re being punished while everyone else gets to eat the good stuff. You get to eat your favorite foods all while shedding pounds.


Get YOU Back

Often times you don’t realize how MUCH it’s weighing on you until that weight gets released. The extra weight—even just 5 pounds—is a symptom of other things in your body that aren’t working right. Like how your energy is so low, you’re basically running on fumes. Or your secret “digestion issues?” Low libido? Acne or other skin problems? Your sleep problems? Everything is connected. You’ll be surprised when the things you are used to putting up with suddenly right themselves when you know what to do.

“Within just a couple of days of starting Cassie’s coaching program, I had more energy than I ever had, and just 2 weeks in I dropped 6 pounds! For the first time in my adult life I’ve dropped a pants size! My coach was there for me every step of the way and I can’t say enough about how this coaching program has improved my life. It’s not even about the weight anymore, it’s about doing the best thing that I can for my body.”

- Jean B. from Minnesota

Let’s get on the phone.

Since this program is all about you, we start right away with a Kickstart Call to answer all your questions and get on the fastest and most effective path.
If it’s the perfect fit, we’ll pair you with the perfect dietitian coach who will be your GPS, ensuring that you don’t get off course or make expensive and frustrating mistakes that set back your progress.
Apply to our Program and start today!
When you fill out the application, you’ll answer a few key questions that will help me understand your needs and goals. Then pick out a time that works for you right then and there!
Before you do something drastic like go out and buy a whole new wardrobe in the next size up, apply to our program and set up your Kickstart Call now.


What People Are Saying

Within ONE month of following Cassie’s coaching program, I’d lost eight pounds and felt IN CONTROL of my eating. Several months later, my weight loss journey continues!”
-Jackie S. from Pennsylvania

“In less than a year, I lost 30 pounds thanks to Cassie’s coaching program! I used to hide behind baggy sweaters and bulky clothes. Now I no longer count a single calorie, I enjoy butter and heavy cream with every meal and I don’t even have to work out. Never did I believe I would be in control of my weight, my cravings, and my happiness. This is what freedom feels like.
-Rachel P. from Minnesota

Go ahead, click it!
You’ll start feeling better just knowing help is on its way!

This isn’t a factory approach where we’re just trying to get you in and get you out. You’ll feel happy and energized throughout
the process (and re-inspired about all you can do now that you’ve got your life back!)—instead of deprivedand
dragging like you have with every other quick-fix diet.

Ready for your days of “Diets That Don’t Work” to be over?
Set up your first call!


Is it worth it if I only have 10 or so pounds to lose?
The real question here is: How are those few pounds affecting your life? You don’t need to have 50 lbs to lose to feel uncomfortable in your clothes—and your skin. It doesn’t matter how much you think you need to lose. If you don’t feel like your best self, then it’s worth addressing, period. While some of our clients have a lot of weight to lose, many of the people we work with have anywhere from 5 to 15 extra pounds—there’s no amount that’s too much or too little for us to tackle. The reason why is because any extra weight is a symptom, a sign of an imbalance that deserves to be addressed. Whether you have a lot of weight to lose, or you just want to fit into your favorite jeans again, there is nothing superficial about it.

Can I expect anything other than weight loss?
Absolutely! While I initially designed this as a weight loss program, it’s so much more than that. This isn’t just about changing numbers on a scale, but changing the way you feel. Since food is such a fundamental building block of all aspects of health, our clients experience radical shifts in their energy levels and self confidence, they report better skin, better sleep, cravings have vanished, more brain power, better libido and overall increased drive in life. You’ll look forward to each day and begin to step into a healthier and happier version of you! It’s about removing the obstacles that stand in your way so you can let your best life unfold. We’ve seen health improve so much that chronic symptoms disappear. It’s not magic—it’s a science. When you take measures to get your body back in balance, its natural healing power restores you to your best self. This isn’t some far-flung goal; it’s a reality. Together, we will transform your body and your life in ways that surprise you.

Are you going to give me a list of things I can’t eat anymore?
It’s not like that. We are not going to make a list of forbidden foods that you love and condemn you to a life of deprivation! You also won’t have to worry about being “good” or “perfect” or “going off the rails.” This isn’t about detox, cleanse or removing foods permanently. What we are going to do is replace the foods that make you feel lousy with ones that make you feel great. We’re talking butter and other healthy fats, meat, and a range of delicious stuff that will keep you fueled, and satisfied.

Are you going to give me a plan?
We love plans—that last. Meaning, we’re not going to put you on some restrictive diet plan that you have to follow to the letter. We will create a plan that is so natural you forget you’re even on it. This, we believe, is the only way plans yield real results. So while you won’t be restricted, you won’t be scratching your head wondering what you “can” eat. You’ll wake up knowing what to do and eat, without obsessing or worrying. You won’t be counting calories or weighing portions. You won’t be keeping logs (unless you want to!). We will teach you how to listen to your body so that you can align with what’s “normal” for you, so that you can go about your life, to dinners and restaurants and parties—without feeling “different” from anyone else.

How are you different from other dietitians?
You could meet with a different dietitian every day and hear something different. We’re not all cut from the same cloth. What makes us different from more traditional RDs is that we have challenged the system that has been largely funded by the food industry. We’re not in the pocket of any manufacturers and we know our craft and our science well. We know what works. So if a dietitian has told you to “eat low fat, count calories, work out more,” and it didn’t work for you, then that speaks for itself. We don’t shame, blame, or confine you or your life. We like to think there are other RDs like us out there, but alas, too many of them are not.

Am I going to be that person at a party who can’t eat anything there?
Absolutely not. You’re special, but we know that you don’t want to be that special. We’ll teach you how to fit this into your everyday life, so that you can still go to events, potlucks, dinner parties —even happy hour— and not only not be “that person,” but get to enjoy it with clear confidence as to what to eat and how to carry yourself.

What if my doctor is not on board with this?
We’d love to collaborate with your current provider, and help you in preparing for your conversations with him or her, including sending any records or labs to their offices. Often our clients will find that their results on our program are so dramatic, that not even their doctors can believe it! Rest assured that as registered, licensed dietitians, we rely on lab work, not theory or trend, and are prepared to answer any questions from your doctor, and guide you along the way.

Do you accept insurance?
A lot of our clients use their HSA (Health Savings Account) to cover their coaching services. It’s best to check with your insurance company to find out if our services are covered prior to your Kickstart Call, because if you’re accepted into our program, we’ll get you set up right there on your Kickstart Call.

What kind of payment plans to do you offer?
We offer monthly installment plans to make coaching available to everyone! You simply let us know your investment choice during your Kickstart Call, and we’ll get your monthly installments set up. Of course if you’re interested in investing upfront, discounts will be made available to you. Ask about them in your Kickstart Call.

What is the $99 application fee for?
The application fee for our program covers the time we put into reviewing each application PLUS a Kickstart Call where you’ll hop on the phone with us and we will then determine if you are a good fit for our personal coaching. If you are the perfect fit, we’ll then find the program that best fits you, you’ll get set up with your dietitian coach andd your first appointment in the books! We get so many inquiries and because our program is so customized, we take the time before we schedule a call with you to make sure it’s a good fit. Please be aware that not everyone is a good fit for our program, and that’s okay! If this is the case, you’ll be given the next best steps for you on your Kickstart Call. *Note: The $99 application fee is the application fee, and does not cover the investment of the coaching program.

I’ve already invested in so many things. How do I know THIS will work?
Chances are, you’ve been through lots of diets, cleanses and methods before you got here today. You’ve likely been frustrated and disappointed more times than you can count. Not to mention spent good money on solutions that didn’t work! We get it. We help you avoid making the same mistakes (or new ones) by serving as your own personal GPS, keeping you on the path to your goal. We know this works. And it’s not a fad or anything so extreme that you can’t stick with it. You’ll have full support and guidance on this journey from every angle, from your one-on-one appointments with your dedicated dietitian to structured meal plans just for you, and our group support in the PFC Club Membership. You don’t have to do this alone.

How do I get started?
Our process is simple: Click “Apply Now!” to submit your personal coaching application. As soon as you submit your application, you’ll be given the scheduling link to set up your Kickstart Call where we can discuss the program that best fits your needs, set you up with your dedicated dietitian coach if you are accepted to our program, book your first appointment, and get you on your way to a healthier, simpler life.

What People Are Saying

“No matter how much I exercised, I could not shed my extra weight. With Cassie’s coaching program, I lost 20 pounds in 6 months and feel more energetic and stronger!“

-Nicole N. from Minnesota

“I always struggled with cravings and feeling deprived on every diet. Cassie’s coaching program has curbed my cravings and resulted in weight loss. I don’t focus on the scale anymore but rather how I feel and how my clothes fit (my pants are loose and I’m using a belt again!!). And, I have more energy than ever!”

-Wendy G. from Minnesota

“Because of Cassie’s coaching program, I lost over 20 pounds and lowered my cholesterol count about 25 points! I learned how to shop and am able to smile and say “No Thank You” when offered sweets….a true miracle!

-Cheryl P. from Tennessee

“One-on-one coaching with Cassie for 2 years has been one of the greatest things I have ever done for myself! Within just a few months, my digestion became more normal than I ever remembered, my energy sky-rocketed, and I was looking and feeling great. Over time, I went from a size 16 to a size 8, and I feel incredible! I’m wearing clothes that I haven’t been able to wear in years, and am even needing to clothes shop again because most of my wardrobe is too big now! I feel in control of my body and choices, and know that sticking with PFC, implementing all the strategies that I have learned from Cassie’s team and honed to fit my lifestyle, is going to allow me to continue to be successful for the rest of my life.”

-Sarah S. from North Carolina

“I lost 70 pounds in a healthy, comfortable way with Cassie’s coaching program. Since adopting this way of eating, I no longer feel deprived and instead, have been given freedom and I cannot be more thankful for that!”

-Jill P. from Michigan

“The best part is that even though I wasn’t perfect, I saw results! I feel great, lost weight and have better focus and more energy for workouts! I’m never hungry and get to eat foods that I LOVE (like fat!) Cassie’s coaching program kept me on track, and it’s such a relief to get away from counting calories.”

-Chelsea B. from Indiana

“Weight loss seemed so complicated. I saw Cassie on television and everything she said made sense to me. After beginning Cassie’s coaching program, I lost 10 pounds almost immediately. In about 7 months, I lost 40 pounds! It’s not hard, and I feel better. I look better. I eat better. I don’t feel deprived at ALL. If you’re thinking that she might be able to help you and that what she’s saying makes sense… she can, and it does. If I can do it, so can you.

-Megan S. from Minnesota

“After trying several times to lose weight, I finally admitted to myself that I could not do it alone. And boy am I glad, I did! This investment I made a year ago is one of the best decisions I have ever made because it has changed my life.

I’ve​ lost 40 pounds (!!!) ​, but that’s not the best part. ​ I got off diabetes medication, my bloating ​ disappeared, ​plus ​ my skin is clear and glowing​. Because of all of these wins, my self confidence ​skyrocketed and I started dating! ​I treated myself to an entire new wardrobe ​that​ I LOVE. All of the hard works pays off when ​a salesperson brings you a pair of pants in a size you never thought you ​could wear ​ and it fits! ​​My energy levels and happiness are off the charts ​!

I wish I could describe in words how happy I am now. I have the tools and confidence to navigate holidays, special occasions, eating out, travel and everyday life. The number on the scale is one thing, but how I feel and the increase in self-confidence is worth so much more! Thank you, thank you, Cassie’s team for helping me become the person I always knew I could be! This past year of working with my dietitian coach has been nothing short of amazing. “

-Tina H. from Minnesota

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