How You Can Stay ACTIVE While You Work!

The average American spends 9.3 hours a day sitting. NINE HOURS a day sitting.  

Sitting is bad for us. We know that. For many reasons —including weight loss since sitting hinders our metabolism. The solution to sitting? Moving, of course!

But we all know that carving out time to exercise or do a workout is DIFFICULT. When you lead a busy lifestyle — finding time can be tricky. I totally get it. The struggle is real!  


My treadmill desk helps me stay active during the work day! I'd always felt guilty and stiff after sitting behind a computer for hours at a time... until my treadmill desk!

I’ve been using my Active Station treadmill desk for 10 months and I’ve used it EVERY single working day that I’ve been home.

It keeps me moving throughout the day, PLUS it's NOT difficult! I was nervous I wouldn't be able to focus, or that it'd be too exhausting. To my surprise, the opposite is true! I am MORE productive AND it's not difficult (you're walking super duper slow...) AND staying active!

Since I know your health is important to you too, I asked them to do something special for you. :)

I got the owner's of Active Station's direct line, and for the next several days he is setting aside time to hop on a call to talk to you to see if a treadmill desk would be a good fit for your lifestyle and goals! If it IS, he's going to give you the "Cassie special" which is $400 OFF + FREE SHIPPING — just because you're part of my community!

PLUS, the first 5 people to purchase their Active Station treadmill desk get a FREE Monitor Arm attachment!  

Learn how a treadmill desk can help you stay active during the workday, increase productivity, boost metabolism, and help you lose weight!

Love the idea of your own walking desk? Talk to the owner! (+ get $400 OFF if it's a good fit!)

Why you should seriously consider this treadmill desk:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Increases focus and brain power
  • Boosts metabolism while you work
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Get your movement in — even on your busiest days!
  • Helps reduce joint pain and back pain 
  • Frees up time to do other things (like play with your kids)  
Want the "Cassie special"? :) Talk to the owner and get $400 OFF!

Why Active Station?

I love Active Station because of their phenomenal customer service and product quality (I had no idea there was such a difference between all of the different treadmill desks out there!) They have 30 years experience in this industry, and I wouldn't recommend any other company if you are in the market for a treadmill desk! Best parts of Active Station treadmill desks include:

  • Large work and walking surfaces
  • Award-winning design to facilitate typing while walking
  • Plugs all of your accessories! (2 USB plugs!)
  • Easy storage with a stow away console 
  • Smooth ride! Heavy duty structure reduces any swaying or shaking
  • Special DEAL for you!  

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